Active Mountain Life was founded by Stephanie en Hillegon. Both worked in the corporate world, before they each started their own business as an independent entrepreneur. In 2020 they decided to combine their shared passion for travel and outdoor activities and start a new company: Active Mountain Life, package tours in the Austrian Alps. Hillegon works all year round on location in Austria, Stephanie from the office in Amsterdam.



Stephanie was born with a love for the mountains. From an early age all holidays were spent in the mountains, both in winter and in summer. Her first job was with the Dutch Ski Federation as a youth travel guide, where she later worked at the Travel Department. She then worked for SportWays for many years, where she organized field hockey and skiing camps in Europe. During these years she became permanently infected with the travel virus, and when she made the transition to the corporate world, she travelled all over the globe for more than 10 years as a Travel and Event Manager for Nike. Since 2012 she owns a project management company and works for several clients in the events & hospitality industry. She is an avid yogi, outdoor enthusiast, and active in hiking, biking and paddle boarding.



Hillegon worked as a communications consultant for many years, first in the corporate world and later at her own company. She changed course and left with her husband and two children to CuraƧao to - initially - slow down for a year. However, she soon got bored of the carefree life, and landed a job at the Dutch Management Consultancy. When the children had to go to secondary school, they went back to The Netherlands. Six years later she went abroad again, this time only with her husband, and moved to Portugal. Here they breathed new life into a B&B in the Alentejo, a job for three years. After that, the mountains and a climate with more seasons beckoned. They found a new job in Austria as hotel managers. On their way from Portugal to Austria, they managed a chateau in France for a summer. Hillegon has been living and working in Austria for the past five years. She is sporty and venturous and knows the range of outdoor possibilities from her own experience.